Our plant, bird and animal life is the perfect example of the rich diversity of the African bushveld. This exceptional farm environment is:

  • for the family who wants to experience simplicity in nature, 
  • or the hunter who wants to stock his game meat and biltong for the year ahead
  • or maybe the businessman that wants to relax in the Wohlfahrt MANNOR 
  • or a company having their yearly “Bosberaad” or team building

Farming with animals is our passion. At Bontle Motsweding we preserve nature for our offspring.

We focus on three key areas: breeding of wild animals, hunting and farm live experience.

To farm with animals you need to respect and understand the diversity of nature.  Because we love nature and animals, we manage the veld and our breeding programs of all the game species in such a way that we can achieve optimal success with healthy animals and that they live the best life they can, even if they will be hunted. Join the new trend of healthy lifestyle by eating venison and enjoy your “biltong and droëwors” in true South African tradition. 

Bontle Motsweding is situated 10 km north of the small town Derby in North West Province South Africa. Derby is 12 km from Koster, 36 km from Rustenburg and 96km from Krugersdorp. Derby was named after the British Secretary of State Lord Derby. Derby began as a refuge for destitute people. Laid out on portions of the farms Rietfontein and Vlakfontein.

Come and experience a glimpse of the lifestyle of the Tswanas hundreds of years ago, set on their primitive, but tranquil lifestyle with the Magaliesberg in the background. Walk or ride a mountain bike amongst the ruins, trees, rocks and wildlife of God’s creation.

You will find Bontle Motsweding, a piece of paradise where one can still enjoy the beauty and splendour of nature and its diverse forms of life.

This is the place where you can find yourself anew, while listening to the beautiful sound’s nature has to offer. 

You can’t help but to depart well rested, feeling at peace and in awe of the wonders of creation.


On this 1200 ha undulating landscape you and your family can experience unbelievable scenery and all sorts of Fauna and Flora. More than 56 grass species, 22 different tree species and also more than 30 animal species have been identified on the farm. There are also lots of bird species for the Bird-watchers remember to bring your binoculars with. This farm is ideal for the nature lover at heart.