1. Please make absolutely certain of the species of game that you shoot. When the wrong type is mistakenly shot no reduction shall be given.
  2. The hunter pays the full booking fee regardless of the length of his stay.
  3. The full fee must be paid for wounded animals, at the price of a female, even if they cannot be tracked down.
  4. If a shot is missed, the full amount must be paid for the animal that was aimed at.
  5. Our workers may receive tips, but under no circumstances are they to be bribed when an animal is wounded. Should an employee report this to us, your bribe will be doubled and you will be asked to leave the farm immediately and waive any refund whatsoever.
  6. No pets are allowed.
  7. No animals, fish, birds or plants are to be shot, damaged or removed without permission.
  8. The giving of alcohol to workers is forbidden.
  9. The accommodation fee for the full period of your stay must be paid in advance and will be forfeited in case of a cancellation within 30 days after booking. If you should make another booking for the period in question, the full amount will be refunded to you.
  10. The hunters will pay for any damages or loss of property.
  11. Bontle Motsweding takes no responsibility for any illnesses, losses, accidents or any injuries during your farm expedition.
  12. Rifle & Bow hunting is allowed on the farm:
    a. No ammunition is allowed in the magazine or in the barrel of the weapon in the camp or while driving on a vehicle.
    b. Nobody is allowed to shoot near the store room, house and camping area.
    c. You need to have a valid weapon license.
    d. Every shot that is fired must be reported to the farm manger.
  13. Under no circumstances may anyone crawl through or climb over a fence. Only the main gate may be used.
  14. Keep everything in the same condition as you found it.
  15. Report immediately any damage, abnormalities or breakages to the farm manager.
  16. Please ensure that the main gate as well as all other farm gates is closed at all times.
  17. Area at the main residence and the storeroom must be avoided.
  18. No swimming in cement and galvanized iron dams. With permission of the farm manager swimming is allowed in earth dams as well as in designated cement dam at your own risk.
  19. No climbing on or tampering with any structure.
  20. Silence is important to animals and other visitors.
  21. Rules are strictly applied.
  22. Camping sites will be allocated by the farm manager and will only be at the bush camp.
  23. Right of admission reserved.
  24. Hunters will be taken to shelters and are not allowed to leave the shelters until they are fetched from the shelter. NB – If rules are broken, the hunter will be asked to leave the farm immediately.
  25. Notices on boards must be strictly adhered to.
  26. There will be a 30 minutes pause before a carcass is fetched.
  27. “Walk-and-stalk” on request.
  28. Target shooting must be done to the satisfaction of the farm manager before the camp is left for hunting.
  29. Only 3 arrows per hunter are allowed in the shelters; the rest of the arrows must be left with the farm manager.
  30. The farm manager retains the right to be in control of the hunting process to make sure everything goes according to plan. E.g. who is hunting where, who will use which hide and which guide to be used?
  31. The field guides know how to control good order with the hunting expedition. There are several hunters at the same time therefore we need good discipline and order. No guide can determine if a shot was accurate or not. Guides are also not responsible for the gender, size type of animal, or even the size of the horns you shoot. The hunter takes full responsibility for his shot.
  32. Hunting times are from sunrise till 17:00. Collecting times at hides for Bow Hunters are around 17:00 in the afternoon. Please note that collecting of hunters may take time according to circumstances. Hunters may be collect at 11:00 to 14:00 for a lunch break.
  33. Rifle Hunters operate from the camping area to his or her camp hunting area.
  34. On the day of departure, hunter must leave at 09:00. We need to clean the rooms for the new group of hunters who will occupy their rooms at 11:00.
  35. If by any chance a hunter wants to stay a day longer, they must vacate their rooms and a normal daily tariff will be charged extra. A hunter who is coming early needs to arrange with the farm manager so that he can organize that they can start to hunt early in the day.
  36. Bow Rules according to our Permit of Department Agriculture, Conservation and Environment: Only a combined bow may be used for the hunting of the following categories of game, subject that the tension weight of the bow and weight of the arrow, complies with the prescription as defined in the different categories mentioned below:
    a.  Small game (up to Blesbuck, including female Nyala, excluding male Nyala) Bow Tension – 18 kg and Arrow weight – 400g
    b.  Medium game (up to Eland and Giraffe, including predators, warthog, Bush Pig, Crocodile and Baboon) Bow Tension – 31kg and Arrow weight – 550g.
    c.  Large game (Buffalo and bigger) Bow Tension – 36kg and Arrow weight – 700g.b.
  37. Each hunter is responsible for overseeing the slaughtering of his animal. Bontle Motsweding accepts no responsibility for incorrect slaughtering or intestines of animals.
  38. No hunter may be out in the field without an allocated guide.
  39. Please don’t litter at the site.



  1. No private vehicles may be used to hunt with or for driving around on the farm. Visitors come directly from the main gate to the bush camp and drive directly from the bush camp to the main gate at the end of their stay.


  1. Firewood is available.
  2. Fire to be made only in the boma’s.
  3. Use your own discretion to determine the wind velocity in order to extinguish a fire to prevent runaway fires.
  4. Make certain that the fire is completely extinguished before leaving the boma’s.


  1. Get the key from the farm manager.
  2. Check that everything is in the chalet according to the inventory list.
  3. Any discrepancy to be reported immediately to the farm manager.
  4. No fire to be made inside the chalet – only in the boma.

The rules have been framed in order to enhance your stay. Be assured that management will do everything in its power to ensure that your hunting expedition will be pleasant and unforgettable.